Welcome to my first Blog post.

I have been keenly following a few other blogs for some time, and still do. In many ways, I wish I had been up to speed with the whole process long before this. So now is the time ….

Whatever your level of interest in either photography or travel, I hope there is something in this blog for you. At the very least, I hope the thoughts and images  might inspire you photographically, and perhaps allow you to think and appreciate more of the world in which we live.

There will be info and accounts about experiences from past journeys, and those currently in the pipeline. Along the way, photo tips and info relating to certain images will also be included in some posts.  I have started writing a series of eBooks about journeys I have made and are continuing to make, so I will let you know about them as they become available.

You are welcome to reply at any time, and I look forward, whereever possible, to responding to you.