Facebook Reject – Hammer Tribal Couple

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During my travels through Ethiopia’s wild and facinating Great Rift Valley, I was able to appreciate the diversity and cultural differences of several of the tribes that live in the Omo River region.

The men and women of the Hamer tribe are very image conscious, going to great lenghts in adorning themselves with beads, shells and metal bracelets. While many are topless, their basic attire consists of a loosly worn cow hide dresses. Men prefer colourful printed fabrics worn as wrap arounds.

I had been invited to one of the more important ceremonies. A Right of Passage ceremony called ‘The Jumping of The Bulls’, where the younger women goad the men into whipping them, to show their support for the prospective bridegroom at the centre of the festivities. This couple, in high spirits, were certainly stand outs, among the many revelers.